Emergent dynamics of discrete and stochastic multiscale systems

This is the 1st announcement of the upcoming NDNS+ summer school

"Emergent dynamics of discrete and stochastic multiscale systems:
analysis and simulation"

17.-21.6.2013 ICMS Advanced Study Center, Eindhoven University of

Following the successful 2010 winter and 2012 summer schools held at
Universiteit Twente, this applied analysis summer school concerns
emergent dynamics in multiscale systems of discrete particles and
networks. The topics range from diffusion on networks, large
deviations and active Brownian motions in random environments, to
coarse-graining and molecular dynamics and computational statistical
mechanics. The lectures will be complemented by guided problem
sessions, which form a core part of the event.


Frank den Hollander (Leiden)
"The parabolic Anderson equation"

Ben Leimkuhler (Edinburgh)
"Molecular dynamics and the foundations of computational statistical

Yamir Moreno (Zaragoza)
"Networks: structure and diffusion dynamics"

Greg Pavliotis (London)
"Coarse-graining techniques for deterministic and stochastic systems"

Registration deadline: 31.5.2013 (mandatory, via email to Mrs. Marese Wolfs secta@tue.nl)

No registration fees.
Accomodation is not included -- participants are asked to organize
themselves. A list of hotels will be provided on the website.

URL: http://aacs.ewi.utwente.nl/AACS/Summerschool2013.html