Symposium Eindhoven Multiscale Institute

The opening symposium of the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute will be held on October 24-26 2012 at TU Eindhoven. The Institute was founded early in 2012, and aims to bring together all multiscale science at the university to nucleate and facilitate scientific breakthroughs in this exciting field.

Confirmed speakers:
·         Peter Bolhuis (Amsterdam)
·         Wim Briels (Twente)
·         Jan Carmeliet (Zürich)
·         Weinan E (Princeton)
·         Erik van der Giessen (Groningen)
·         Martin van Hecke (Leiden)
·         Hans Kuipers (Eindhoven)
·         Andro Mikelic (Lyon)
·         Jan Nordbotten (Bergen/Princeton)
·         Alfio Quarteroni (Lausanne/Milan)
·         Karsten Reuter (München)
·         Steve Cowin (New York)

Special events:

  • On Wednesday 24th, at 16.00, the Rector will formally open the Institute, followed by drinks;
  • On Wednesday 24th, at 11.45, Prof. Alfio Quarteroni will hold a public lecture in the Studium Generale series;
  • On Friday afternoon we will organize two tours through TU/e laboratories.

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