Study Group Mathematics with Industry

Invitation 106th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2015, Utrecht

Date/location: January 26-30, 2015, Utrecht University, De Uithof, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Since 1968, the Study Group Mathematics with Industry has brought together 
mathematicians and companies. Following the original Oxford model, 
about 60 mathematicians, ranging from PhD students to full professors, 
spend a week working on one of six real life problems, presented to them
on Monday morning. During four busy days these problems are discussed,
dissected, modeled, analyzed, and computed, and results are presented on Friday.  

This year’s problems are posed by
   - Philips: patient adaptive compressed sensing
   - SKF: statistical modelling of mechanical bearing life testing
   - KNMI: synchronizing numerical models of the atmosphere to improve
                weather and climate models
   - 3 more problems TBA

You are welcome to participate. See our website for the problems 
and more information, and also for registration:

Participation is free of charge. We can reimburse hotel costs for a limited number of participants

Best regards,
The organizing committee of SWI 2015,
Rob Bisseling, Martin Bootsma, Jason Frank, Ross Kang (Nijmegen), Tobias Müller (chair), Sanjay Ramawadh,
Alessandro Sbrizzi, Christian Spitoni, Paul Zegeling

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Utrecht University
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